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The body does not react well to dramatic change relative to weight loss. A certain percentage of body fat must be maintained for normal hear function and the body must be hydrated and absorb appropriate nutrients in order to sustain itself. When you deprive the body of these things essential elements you will experience quick weight loss, but at a grave cost. When you starve the body it begins to feed on the muscle mass available to absorb proteins, fats and other nutrients. The first organ the body will begin to consume is the heart, which can cause lasting, irreversible damage. So, before you try the fast weight loss diet, think about the consequences. Just because some groups of people do it doesn’t mean you have to.

Quick Weight Loss Strategies
Many athletes, perhaps most notably wrestlers, dancers, and gymnasts in particular, often find themselves in a position of having to make an extremely quick weight loss happen. I’m not talking about having to lose six pounds in six weeks; I’m talking about having to lose six pounds in six days! Sounds impossible, and for this type of quick weight loss to happen in a healthy way, it can indeed be impossible; however, they are not told to do it healthfully, they are just told to do it.

How can it be Done?
The most notable method of quick weight loss is to dehydrate the body. A properly hydrated body weighs much more than a dehydrated one does, by several pounds in fact, and it is for this reason that athletes wanting dramatically quick weight loss in order to make a certain weight class (wrestling) or in order to stay in a company (dancers) often turn to water as their means of achieving this goal.

In normal cases, athletes use water as their means of staying hydrated, the opposite is also true. In other words, athletes do the reverse, abstaining from drinking is one way in which they dehydrate themselves. Of course, in order to survive this quick weight loss scheme, a sustainable amount of water must be drunk in order for the person to survive. The difference between the amount of water to survive and the amount of water to be fully hydrated (thus alert and able to naturally move) is a huge difference however.

Severely limiting the amount of liquids drunk is one way to limit fluids in the body. Another consideration is that in regards to the types of foods that are being eaten. Someone who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, for instance, is taking in the water naturally found inside this type of food, while meats and complex carbohydrates are much drier food choices.

Many dancers and gymnasts go so far as to not only limit fluids consumed in liquid and in food form, but to also sweat out the water in their body in the name of quick weight loss. Many dancewear companies make dance clothing for exactly that purpose.

Made of non-breathable fabrics (essentially like those yellow ‘slickers’ or like a trash bag) these clothes, such as shorts, leotards, and pants, all allow the dancer who is wearing them to sweat out an exponential amount of the fluid that they would have sweated out were they wearing cotton tights and cotton leotards. Don’t have time to go searching for these special clothes? Trash bags or saran wrap fashioned with duct tape will have the same quick weight loss effect.

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