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Some will look at a daunting task and believe they cannot accomplish it. Others will see an opportunity to test themselves. Nothing, however, is more daunting than a weight loss challenge. With the thousands of weight loss methods available, not only is it difficult to know what to do, just getting started can seem too much. Consulting with your doctor or a weight loss center may help you get the information you need to jump-start your weight loss program and keep you encouraged. Join a walking group for weight loss exercise and work with others in a weight loss challenge. There is strength in numbers and you don’t have to face your weight loss challenge alone.

Take The Weight Loss Challenge
A weight loss challenge is any sort of weight loss contest or activity that you use as a motivating tool to lose weight. You can compare numbers with friends and start a contest about who has lost more weight or you can include other people as well and join an online community dedicated to your weight loss. Whichever type of challenge you choose to take part in, you can find some form of prize and a way in which to compete for it with the right tools and the right attitude. Finding a weight loss challenge or making one of your own can be fun, too.

Remember to include a prize to win so that you can help add some motivation factors to the weight loss challenge. Include as many people as possible and get your friends in on it, too, even if they only have a few pounds to lose. Try to not make it about who has lost the most weight but rather make it about who has completed the most tasks involving the losing of weight, so that everyone can participate and so that the final goal isn’t about losing weight to extremes. Going to extreme measures can be problematic and having a weight loss contest or challenge that rewards that is not helpful.

Creating A Challenge
You can create your own weight loss challenge by simply coming up with a goal that you have in mind. This enables you to create something special and also to help contribute to the possibilities of other people losing weight along with you. This type of contest is important because it actually motivates people and can create some healthy sources of competition that will help involve people rather than push them away. You want to ensure that you have participation in all aspects of the contest, not that you have blind competitors.

Finally, ensure that it is not based on cruelty or unreasonable expectation. You are trying to encourage people to lose weight, not to enable a bad attitude about life. You do not want people to begrudge the process, nor do you want them to engage in bad talking or bad self-motivation techniques. Instead, try to ensure that people are willing and able to be encouraging and enabling in the weight loss challenge you create. You want to form a network of helpful people, not people that begrudge others.

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