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It’s used to stop smoking and they seem to have some success with it. Perhaps it can help someone who is a chronic over-eater slow their binge eating habits, but what weight loss hypnosis cannot do is speed up your metabolism and cause your body to burn more calories. For that you need exercise. While it may be quite effective as an appetite suppressant, that is the limit of weight loss hypnosis. Use it as a tool in conjunction with your good weight loss plan and you may see more impressive results than with diet and exercise alone.

Weight Loss Hypnosis - A Chance For Better Health
With nine out of every ten people newly being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, the search for a weight loss plan that works properly and healthily is going strong. Many people are turning to weight loss hypnosis in order to shed some extra pounds and to get themselves back into shape.

There are many people who are rather fearful of weight loss hypnosis, having been told horror stories about hypnotists who plant subconscious suggestions while “under their spell” and the start clucking like a chicken when a bell rings, for example. This is not weight loss hypnosis or any other type of hypnosis, for that matter. This is just plain wrong, and in order to avoid these worries, you should make sure to take the proper time and consideration into finding a qualified and respected hypnotist.

Most licensed hypnotists will verify that a person cannot have a suggestion planted, which would have them do something that goes against their will. This is true with most of the quitting smoking programs as well as with that of weight loss hypnosis. If the person is not willing to open their thoughts to correct a behavior, no type of hypnosis will work.

Hypnosis happens to practically, at some time, every day. Staring off into space and being oblivious of anything around them, often called daydreaming, is a form of mental focus where the mind is so concentrated on something that nothing else matters at that time. That concentration is what helps make weight loss hypnosis successful.

Hypnotic States as a Good Weight Loss Program
In a world of extremes such as sports, exercise and others, concentration can and truly must be included. While a person is in a state of very strong concentration, suggestions can be given which may alter a persons thinking, and with weight loss hypnosis, for example, these suggestions of which the person wishes to possess, are referred to as perfect suggestions, meaning that if the person’s state of mind prior to hypnosis wishes to have certain thoughts, then in a hypnotic state, their mind will accept them.

There are a number of different ways that can be used in order to achieve a hypnotic state of mind. Music, staring at one object for a certain amount of time, or concentrating all mental efforts on a single part of the body are all methods that can take the concentration level into a hypnotic state. While in that trance-like state in weight loss hypnosis the thinking needed to alter eating-related disorders can be planted as suggestions.

While many believe that weight loss hypnosis involves altering behavior most often associated with weight gain, over eating or binge eating, actually attacking the problems which cause these actions is a much better course. Although helping the behavior will not hurt, unless the person is personally committed to losing weight, weight loss hypnosis probably will not be successful.

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