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You’re pampered, fed great tasting, good for you food, fluffed and folded and looking good. If this is the case, you’re probably at a weight loss spa where you have all the benefits of a day spa, and all the benefits of an excellent weight loss program as well. A morning yoga class, followed by a wonderful breakfast, then a manicure and a nutrition class. Now that’s the way to do it. Problem is, the great results you achieve at the weight loss spa don’t always last when you get home and back to your old routine. You have to be diligent in keeping and using the information you gained during your stay at the weight loss spa ~ then again, it’s good to have an excuse to go back.

The Advantages of a Weight Loss Spa
Come New Years Day and people continually make renewed vows to cut down on eating and promise to begin reducing their weight and this is almost certainly a top priority for them, however often times it never ends up pulling through. There are millions of Americans who need or want to reduce weight but who find it extremely difficult to shed that weight, and one solution that they tend to find appealing is that of the weight loss spa.

It is thought that in the year 2005 the weight loss spa field had over 2.4 million visits, which was much higher than the half million that were believed to have visited a weight loss spa in the year 2002.

With weight loss spas becoming increasingly popular, this has resulted in different types of services being provided and so the situation thus needs a bit of researching in order to find the best weight loss spa that would suit individual needs.

The Cost of a Weight Loss Spa
A no frill weight loss spa may cost as much as $189 per night per person and one such spa is Utah’s Red Mountain Spa, which enables people to trek through a dramatic desert landscape. Another weight loss spa of some repute is that of the Hilton Head Health Institute, which for thirty years has been America’s premier weight loss spa that has greatly helped its guests to gain healthy weight loss and, in addition, has had a successful chronic disease management program as well.

Their weight loss regime has evolved through learning from science and medicine to the imparting of new behavior in hopes that its guests will help them to achieve their weight loss and health goals.

Hilton Head Health Institute is not your everyday weight loss spa and is different to other spas in many ways; it is also open to both men and women. Their whole program revolves around the concept that a person’s health is centered on how a person lives from the day to day, and even though some people may require medical guidance, they consider that the basic health of a person is the result of their choice of nutrition, and exercise habits, as well as how much they persevere in controlling both of these.

Hilton Head Health Institute has a four part Healthy Lifestyle program that consists of lifestyle management, lifestyle education, lifetime nutrition, and lifetime fitness. Lifestyle management teaches the guest techniques to respond to stress while lifestyle education will teach the guest solid, accurate and reliable information regarding why quick fix remedies do not work.

Lifetime nutrition will make the guest choose and create balanced, nutritious and healthy food eating habits, and, lifetime fitness teaches the guest that exercise is very beneficial to each organ and system in the human body.

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